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Label Slitter S-200S-Pro-2

  • Rewinder, unwinder and accessories included
  • handles labels up to 255mm wide
  • Optional Pre-Set Counter available
  • Speed up to 125cm/sec
Category: label accessories
  • Description
Description The Slitting Station S-200S includes all the devices to start slitting immedialtely.
  • A S-200 Slitter, with 3 blades
  • An UCAT-1-10″ Unwinder
  • A CAT-3-CHUCK-10″ Rewinder, with 76mm core holder as standard. Available in 100mm.
  • 1 Aluminium and 3 thin Plastic Separator Plates (220mm diam)
  • An Adjustable locking bar to lock units together in position
  • 15V Power Supply

LabelMaker DCL 1000

Main Features

  • Finish your label printed with any printer!
  • Process Max. 200m roll continuously with Roll-to-roll system.
  • Create registration marks and operate the machine from Illustrator / CorelDRAW with standard plug-in software Cutting Master for DLC.
  • Cutting plotter installed – cutting dies unneeded.
  • Laminate and Slit your work.
  • Cross cut your work to sheet.
  • Max. media width: 216mm

Laser Cutting of Dye-Sublimation Printed Fabrics

Laser Die Cutting Machine for Label

Nowadays printing technology is widely used in a variety of industries such as sportswear, swimwear, apparel, banners, flags, and soft signage. Today’s higher production textile printing processes require even faster cutting solutions.

What is the best solution for cutting printed fabrics and textiles? Traditional manually cutting or mechanical cutting has many limitations. Laser cutting becomes the optimal solution for contour cutting of dye sublimation printed sublimation fabrics and textiles.

Goldenlaser’s vision laser cutting solution automates the process of cutting out dye sublimation printed shapes of fabric or textile quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions or stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles.

Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize the printed contour, or pick up the printed registration marks and then laser machine cuts the chosen designs. The entire process is fully automatic.

The advantages of cutting dye-sub textiles with our vision laser system? Precisely and delicately cutting directly from roll Easy to operate - Automatically recognize the printed contours Flexible processing - Any design and any order size Fusion of cutting edges - Thermal processing polyester fabric Contactless processing - No fabric distortion

Laser Die Cutting Machine for Label

The laser die cutting machine designed and manufactured by goldenlaser is an innovative solution for the roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet finishing of labels. The full digital laser process, replacing traditional mechanical die cutting, allows fast response to short-run orders and significantly reduces downtime and costs. Recommended Machines Technical specifications of goldenlaser's two standard models of label laser cutting machines    

Laser Welding Machine

FANUCI ULTRON Laser Welding Machine1000W 1500W 2000w FANUCI Ultron laser welding machine can be widely used inmetal equipment, stainless steel homeand other indus-tries complex irregular welding process.


Main advantages of fiber laser technology by FANUCI:
  • 976nm laser pump technology provides the very same core laser pump tech and components as IPG. Electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 48%, saving 15% compare to 915nm. Allows processes of welding/cutting of high reflective materials.
  • Intelligent automatic access to the network, remote diagnosis, remote service. Up to 85% of concerning system issues could be solved remotely, significantly saving time.
  • Extremely effective high brightness. Gaussian spot, M-<1.3, limit output cable 10um.
  • Fast response gives rapid O to maximum power <5us, response frequency 50kHz.
  • Programmable and customized output curve, 64 sets of parameters stored and recalled at any time.
  • Flexible and modular design, easier and fast change modular to repair or upgrade power (for high power source).
  • Fiber technology is constantly being developed and improved. Low operating and maintenance cost. Significant reduction of production cost.
  • The estimated working time of the fiber source is approx. 100,000 working hours.
  • Friendly and safe technology for the environment and the workplace.

LSC1509 Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter

LSC1509 Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter Brand:  JWEI Type: Cutting machine Factory: Zhejiang,China By Strategic Swift   ➤ Video     Enjoying the

LST03II-0806-RM Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter

LST03II-0806-RM Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter Brand:  JWEI Type: Cutting machine Factory: Zhejiang,China     ➤ Application JWEI original design of the

LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine

LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine Brand:  JWEI Type: Cutting machine Factory: Zhejiang,China   ➤ Application Based on the customer needs in the market,

LST0604 Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter

LST0604 Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter Brand:  JWEI Type: Cutting machine Factory: Zhejiang,China   By Strategic Swift   ➤ Application   Specially designed

P Series

P SERIES All-around sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine Equipped with automatic functions of nozzle changing and one-click processing, P-Series is competent for all cutting demands.  

Pro 1050 Label Printer

Using digital LED together with dry toner technology, the Pro1050 offers a unique fifth colour or ‘CMYK+W’ option, allowing for greater flexibility in your label design. Printing on transparent or coloured label media is now easy by printing an opaque white background under the CMYK image.
  • Profitable on-demand in-house label printing
  • Fifth colour or CMYK+W option brings a new colour dimension to labels
  • Versatile media handling
  • Water/chemical and UV fading resistant printing

Pro 9541 CMYK + White Spot Varnish

Pro9541 takes digital printing to a new level with the option of printing in CMYK plus the addition of a fifth spot color in white or clear gloss for high quality.
  • Exceptional print quality CMYK plus a spot color in white or clear gloss
  • Fast printing on an extensive range of media
  • Competitive price, Energy efficient and high-capacity consumables.